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Euro Football Championship SmartSweep


Past Euro Football SmartSweeps (See the results)

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"Euro SmartSweep" is an opportunity to enter a sweep with a difference.  Not just "pick a winner" out of a hat, but use your skills and knowledge of international rugby to pick the match points differential and win higher sweep points.  You are invited to join this non-profit sweep and pit your wits and knowledge against all those other hopefuls with a chance for the prize money.


SmartSweep is non-profit, and the prize funds depend on the number of members.  So, if you have some friends or colleagues who you feel would be interested in participating as members, please feel free to forward these details to them.  The more members, the larger the prize money.


For each of the 51 matches in the Euro Football Championship Finals, you try to pick the Match Final Score (i.e. after normal time, extra time and penalties if needed for the knock-out phase).  You can update your selections as the competition unfolds and check how you are doing in the Sweep here on the members' web site.


Sweep Points are awarded on the following basis:

-  Winning Team .................................................... 2 Sweep Points
-  Winning Team and Goal Difference........................... 3 Sweep Points
-  Winning Team AND Exact Score............................... 5 Sweep Points


In the case of a draw, when a draw is possible in the tournament, the Sweep Points for Goal Difference and Exact Score still apply and the Winning Team is irrelevant.


The winner(s) of the Sweep will be the highest Sweep Points scorer(s) after all of the 64 matches of the Football World Cup Tournament are completed.



If you wish to change your selected Match Final Scores as you see the form of the tournament develop, you can do so as often as you like, so long as they are received by us before close of business on the day immediately before the respective matches.



Your Membership Fee of 10 by post or 11 by credit card (secure server connection through PayPal) gives you the opportunity to participate in the Sweep and to pit your knowledge of international football (and a bit of luck) against all those other hopefuls!


See Membership Incentive below for details of the scheme to reduce your Membership Fee.



Total takings minus actual out-of-pocket costs of running the sweep = Prize Money, distributed as follows:  (Costs consist only of credit card payment processing, web site costs and post box costs.)


1st Place............. 50%
2nd Place............ 35%
3rd Place............ 15%


In the event of ties for 1st, 2nd or 3rd places, the prize monies will be shared between the first three or more place-getters, with priority starting with the winners.



SmartSweep results are presented here on the on the web site after each match in the Tournament.



When a Sweep is live, you can apply for membership (if you are 16 years of age or older) right here on the web site.  Simply go to a click on the "Football" button below to go to the Application Page.  After completing the application and submitting, you will be taken to the payment page.


PAYMENT:  After submitting your entry details, you can pay for your membership in 2 ways:

1.   Secure Credit Card:  11 through the secure payment system of PayPal
2.   Post:  Send your cheque for 10 Sterling by post as instructed on the payment page.


Click here to go to Entry Form (When Sweep is live)


As an inventive to increase the number of members, the following membership incentive scheme operates for each SmartSweep.


Introduce 2 New Members....... 5.00 reduction of your Membership Fee
Introduce 4 New Members.......

Your Membership Fee will be Free!!

(or an additional entry)


(The incentive is unlimited - If you introduce 8 New Members, you will receive 2 Free entries.)

Simply tell your introduced friends to note your name in the "Introduced by:" box on the entry form.

 -  "New Members" are those that have not participated in SmartSweep before.

 -  The incentive will apply when payment is received from the New Members.

New Members can not benefit by introducing themselves, but can benefit once entered, by introducing others.



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